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Reiki Candles

June 5, 2011

Charging Candles with Reiki is another way to work with Reiki. If we charge candles with Reiki they will release the Reiki energy while they burn.

We can use the Reiki candles…

  • while we are working on a patient (or ourselves)
  • to send distant Reiki to persons or animals
  • to send Reiki to the room
  • to send Reiki to past or future events
  • to aid in manifesting dreams and goals

First, you have to choose the appropriate candle for Reiki healing. You can look for a color that corresponds to the purpose of the Reiki candle. You can check out this website that describes the healing properties of colors and how to use them at Deep Trance.  You can also use scented candles or infuse them yourself with aromatherapy oils (just spread the oils around the candle or inside the hole where the candle wick is).Since it is better to let the candle burn all the way, I like to use small tea light candles: they are also easy to spread essential oils with, and cheap, which lets me use one everyday for different purposes.

Second, you will have to charge the candle. Wash and dry your hands, find a quiet place and sit comfortably with your back straight. Draw all the Reiki symbols (you have been attuned to) over the candle, repeating their mantra three times. Hold the candle in your hands, set the intention to give Reiki and use an affirmation that states the purpose of the candle. Let the Reiki energy flow for a while, until your intuition tells you that you are done or for about 5-15 minutes. After that, draw the ChokuRei symbol to seal the energy of Reiki. Since I mostly work with tea light candles, I usually charge the whole bag containing all the candles at once, and when I am about to use them I draw the symbols once more. You can alternatively, write the symbols in a piece of paper and put it underneath the candle or paste the note in the glass/plastic that holds the candle. If you are using the candle to help in manifesting, you can also write down your goal in a piece of paper together with the Reiki symbols, and leave the note underneath the Reiki candle. You can light the candle everyday until the goal has been achieved.

After the candle is charged, then light the candle. It is better to use matches to light candles, and whilst you do that, state and visualize your goal to be achieved or the person you send Reiki to. If you cannot let the candle burn all the way, then put it out with either a snuffer, a spoon or your fingers (but never blow it out!). When you re-light the candle re-give the intent of the purpose of the Reiki candle, and if you want, it can even have a different intent than the one you gave the first time.

If you have never done this, just try it and experiment with the colors, the essential oils and candles. If you already have candles in your house, give them some Reiki! And notice the effects in the room after you light them.This is a good way for all those creative Reiki practitioners to experiment with art and Reiki! Reiki candles can also be a creative and personalized gift for the loved ones.

Do you already do this? Share with us your suggestions and tricks!


Boston Reiki Community

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  1. manjussa permalink
    December 24, 2011 5:58 am

    hi the article is really very very usefulll,
    i have some questions ,suppose if i have three to four intensions so at that time should i burn three to four candles at a time with different intension for each candle ?
    n how to give reiki for healing the past and the realtionship

    • December 24, 2011 3:54 pm

      Yes, it is better to use one candle per intention or wish. You can burn them at the same time but with different matches. AS for sending Reiki to the past, there are several options. If you want to use candles, you can write your wish in a paper and attach this note on the bottom of the candle. MAke sure you use the third symbol, either write it on the paper or draw it on the candle. Enjoy!


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