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Cleansing Rituals Part I: Cleansing Your Home With Reiki

July 3, 2011

Sunday used to be my least favorite day of the week. I would feel sad because the weekend was almost over and Monday was looming on the horizon…It was actually my lazy day, if I were to stay home, I would watch TV all day long, procrastinating studying or cleaning up the house.

But once I was attuned to the Reiki energy and decided to use Reiki in my daily life, and in particular in my cleansing rituals, now Sunday is my favorite day of the week! Sundays are now my “ME and MY HOME TIME!”. I first clean my house, diligently and with the help of Reiki, and then it’s my “ME” time. By the end of the day I feel great, and with lots of great energy to be ready for a bright and great new week!

Here, I will talk about Cleansing your Home with Reiki. In another post I will talk about how to use Reiki in my “ME” time.

Homes and spaces take up the energy of the previous occupants, visitors or even ourselves after stressful or difficult days. Sometimes we might feel uncomfortable or restless in our homes, and might find ourselves with no energy to do anything after we get home. I would start feeling like that by the end of the week, after long days of work, and clutter piling up throughout the week. That is why I decided to do two things:

1)every day, no matter how tired I would be after getting home, I would always  light candles or incense in the house, de-clutter and clean after myself. If felt necessary I would open some windows as well. That had a dramatic effect on my everyday routine after getting home.

2)Once a week, I would not only clean my house, but also clear it of stagnant energies.


This is what I do:

-I start by playing my favorite Reiki Music. I love cleansing my home now with soothing music, instead of pop or disco as I used to. But I guess it is just preferences. Since, I don’t think of it as cleaning the house, but instead as cleansing my home, it is more of a ritual than a chore. And as such, I like to be mindful of what I do, why I do it and how I feel. The music helps me stay calm and meditative before beginning. You can find out how to charge your CDs with Reiki here.

-I then proceed to open all the windows in my house to let the energy flow. I do this in all seasons. In the winter, however, instead of leaving them open all day long, I just leave them open while I am cleaning.

-I then light up the Reiki candles in my house. These immediately fill the room with warm and refreshing Reiki smells, and energy that get me started in this process. If you want to learn how to do Reiki candles, you can read our article “How to Charge a Reiki Candle”.

-After that, I use incense, a sage stick or a Tibetan bowl to go around each room to purify any energy residues. I sometimes may use the three at the same time. I have bought these materials at Ritual Arts in Allston. In particular, I love their selection of incense, in my opinion, the best incense I have ever had! They have tens of smells that are so original, beautiful and engaging. It is not your typical incense!

-While I walk around each room with the bowl or the smudges, I use the ChoKuRei symbol: I draw it with my whole hand (while repeating its mantra three times) in each corner, wall, ceiling and floor. I also set up the intention that “the room is cleansed and fill with Reiki energy”.

-Finally I dust, sweep and clean. I draw a ChoKuRei symbol on anything I use: the soapy water to mop the floor, the bleach, the disinfectant, the linen spray. I sometimes even draw with pens the Reiki symbols on the bottles itself.


After the cleansing ritual of my home,  I am ready for my “ME” time. Some people prefer to cleanse themselves before doing space clearing. I enjoy it much better after, because I can spend as much time as I want, I do not worry what I have to do next, and can relax afterwards in a cleansed Reiki home. In the next post, you will find some tips on how to use Reiki on your “ME” time.

For those who still cant feel much differences in energy changes, I recommend to do this ritual at least once. You would definitely feel the changes in your home after that.

If you don’t have that much time to spend on a Sunday, or any other day of the week every week, I would suggest that at least you try to make time at least once a month. Some people believe that such “rituals” would be more powerful if done when the moon is waning. But of course, I think it is still important to cleanse your home a little bit every day, so always try de-clutter, light incense or candles and clean after yourself every day!😉

Have any suggestions? Share them with us!


Happy Cleansing!

Boston Reiki Community


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